What could be better than snuggling up with a picture book that encourages our little ones to unwind, unwind, and drift off to sleep? These wonderful story books tried-and-true bedtime are ideal for those last few minutes before nodding off to sleep because they are cozy, calming, and occasionally silly, so you can fall asleep grinning. And you can also buy some cool stuff for your kids at reasonable prices by using the Poundtoy Discount Code.

Mem Fox's Time for Bed

From sheep to geese, every animal is cuddling up to its mother. In this bedtime wonderful storybook, sweet bedtime rhymes lull like a lullaby, and lovely illustrations invite sleep.

Author Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon

This beloved bedtime story lulls children to sleep by saying goodnight to and explaining each item in the bedroom, from chairs to a bear picture.

Sandra Boynton's book The Going to Bed Book

A board wonderful storybook by Sandra Boynton is a sure bet. She envisions a boat filled with amiable animals going about their bedtime rituals (gotta brush those teeth!) before gently rocking to sleep.

Sandra Boynton's Pajama Time

A different Boynton favorite transforms going to bed into a party with songs and dance moves. But fear not—the after-party is held in a dream world.

Peggy Rathmann's Goodnight Gorilla

A cunning gorilla steals the zookeeper's keys in this bedtime wonderful storybook and frees all the animals from their cages. The zookeeper's wife finds the animals napping in her bedroom and gently leads them inside so they can all have a restful night's sleep. Use the Trotters Discount Code to get some bucks saved!

The Pigeon Can't Stay Up Late! using Mo Willems

Don't let the pigeon stay up late is a very difficult and important task that the reader is given. It won't be simple, but it will be funny because the cunning pigeon will use every justification and stalling technique.

Sleep well, Mr. Panda Stephen Antony

Patient The steps of their bedtime rituals, such as taking a bath and brushing their teeth, are emphasized by Mr. Panda to his animal friends. Skunk and sloth offer justifications, but the jovial lemur sticks to the agenda. (Let's all adopt Lemur's behavior.)

Karen Katz's novel Counting Kisses

There isn't a better way to bid someone good night than with lots of kisses. With this charming bedtime book, you can count down from "10 little kisses on teeny tiny toes" while also learning body parts and numbers.

By Phillis Gershator and Mim Green, "Time for a Hug"

Do you tend to hug people more? Hug breaks abound throughout a busy bunny's day, especially before bed.

Sherri Duskey Rinker's "Good Night, Good Night Construction Site"

In this well-known children's wonderful storybook about moving objects, crane trucks and cement mixers have bedtimes as well.

Sleep well, PBS Kids' Daniel Tiger

Even though it is time for bed, everyone's favorite toddler tiger wants to play. Daniel is gently guided by his father through the bath, teeth brushing, PJs, story, and song until he is too sleepy to object.

By Susan Schade and Jon Buller, I Love You, Good Night

Your child drifts off to sleep as you say sweet things to them like, "I love you like mice love cheese! This children's bedtime book for babies begins, "I love you like vines love trees!"

Jonathan Allen's I'm Not Sleepy

Despite all indications to the contrary, a small owl fights to go to bed and insists that he is not even slightly tired. Do they resemble anyone you know?

Battery for Buddy's Bedtime by Christina Geist

When it's time for bed, a young boy imagines himself to be a robot shutting down. Even though it's challenging to stop jumping and beeping, he can finally fall asleep by "turning off" each body part.

Yoga for Sleep by Mariam Gates

Learning these soothing and poetically expressed yoga poses is a great way for young children with wiggles to relax before bed.

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