Even though everyone may use a good night's sleep, children especially depend on it to support their rapid development and learning. Kids require more sleep than adults do. Children under the age of five typically need the most sleep, with 10 to 13 hours a day being advised for those between 3 and 5 years old. Use Panda Lover Voucher Code for economical shopping. The recommended amount of sleep for kids between the ages of 14 and 17 is 8 to 10 hours. Older kids often require less sleep.

As sleep is so vital for a child's growth, it's important to create ideal sleeping conditions for them, which includes choosing a mattress that will keep them comfortable all night. Our staff considered aspects like firmness, pressure alleviation, temperature neutrality, and price range when choosing the best kids’ mattresses. Since your child's favorite posture may affect your mattress choice, we also took into account each mattress' appropriateness for different sleeping positions.

Guide to Kids’ Mattress Size

Here are the recommended mattress sizes for babies, toddlers, and older children, as recommended by the Better Sleep Council and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (BSC). You should choose a bigger mattress if there is a space between the mattress and the frame that is larger than two fingers. Before buying a mattress, it's crucial to know the dimensions of your frame because too much empty space might lead to injuries.

Mini Crib Mattress: 

Baby beds that are smaller than 49.75 inches long and 24.375 inches wide—typically 38 inches long and 24 inches wide—are referred to as mini crib kids’ mattresses. These kids’ mattresses are typically seen in mobile infant cribs, daycare facilities, and backyard play areas.

Twin Mattress: 

80 by 38 inches is how long and wide a twin XL mattress is. These are a great option for children who could benefit from an additional 5 inches of space.

Full Mattress:

Full kids’ mattresses are 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, Full kids’ mattresses: Full kids’ mattresses are 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, making them 15 inches wider than twin kids’ mattresses. For kids who move around while they sleep, this bed size offers plenty of room.

Buy Kids’ Mattresses From The Following Brands 

Kids Mattress by Leesa

A mattress that equally supports and cushions children's and preteens' bodies is frequently necessary. This promotes healthy growth and development and comfort from night to night once they have graduated from their toddler bed. Children and preteens are the target market for the Leesa Kids Mattress. The medium firm (6) feel, according to our testers, limits sinkage and should keep your child's body on an even plane.

How It Functioned

In our tests, the Leesa Kids’ Mattress did a fantastic job controlling temperature, which is an area where many all-foam models frequently received poor reviews. The combination of a breathable cover and open-cell memory foam allows heat to dissipate rather than accumulate along the surface. Young children shouldn't sink too deeply into the mattress or experience a sense of confinement thanks to the mattress's balanced medium firmness. According to current safety standards, a low 7-inch profile enables the mattress to safely rest in most bunk beds at a distance of at least 5 inches from the side rails.

Saatva Youth

A reversible innerspring mattress called the Saatva Youth was created to meet the evolving needs of children as they get older. You can flip the mattress once your child becomes too heavy to be supported by the softer side because one side is firmer than the other. You must also check The Range Voucher Code when buying kids’ mattresses.

How It Functioned

The coil layer of the mattress allows for a significant amount of airflow throughout the mattress, which helped the mattress perform well in our tests for temperature neutrality. By doing this, you can be sure that your youngster won't have a hot night's sleep. This bed's strong coil design also provides excellent edge support, keeping kids from rolling out in the middle of the night. The high caliber of the materials guarantees a resilient mattress that ought to last far into your child's adolescence.

Nest Bedding Puffin

The Nest Bedding Puffin is a mattress that is specially built for small children, however, many modern kids’ mattresses may be used by both adults and children. Three layers of firm, supportive foam make up the Puffin, which encourages growth and development. The mattress is compatible with both bunk beds and regular bed frames thanks to its thin 7-inch profile.

How It Functioned

Testing the Puffin revealed above-average responsiveness. The solid (7) feel and all-polyfoam structure produce a lot of bounce, which makes it simpler for kids to move about and get in and out of bed. The Puffin also fared well in our temperature control tests because the phase change material infused into the cover helps counteract the heat retention that can happen with foam kids’ mattresses.

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