Fashion trends come and go, and they are frequently replicated years later. Style will always be subjective and personal to each of us, yet trends can assist guide, and inspire us when shopping for new kids’ activewear. This also applies to children's apparel. Parents want their children to look fashionable while also remaining comfortable and wearing kids’ activewear that reflects their personalities; obtaining inspiration and trend ideas from prominent designers and brands is a terrific approach to developing your child's wardrobe. ChildrenSalon Discount Codes can be redeemed anytime to give you big discounts on kids’ activewear and much more. 

Kathryn's team used research and expert opinions to look back on popular trends from 2022 and share what we can expect to see as the next big trends of kids’ activewear in 2023.

The Sporty Look (Kids’ Activewear) Is Back

Many popular styles, such as the sporty look and the classic contemporary style, returned in 2022. Certain patterns, such as nature-inspired Kids’ Activewear prints and the timeless stripe, became popular again. These trends are expected to continue into 2023, particularly the sporty/leisure look, which is already prevalent in many popular designers' new collections of kids’ activewear. "Stella McCartney, as always, is trending and will be a huge hit for 2023," said Simon Large, Ecommerce Manager at children’s wear provider Kathryns. "Everyone still wants that sporty-leisure look."

This year's sporty style is both practical and comfortable, making it ideal for children of all ages. Stella McCartney is a great designer to look to for this style inspiration, as many of their new season pieces include colorful tracksuits and fun sweatshirts.

Fabrics That Are Friendly To The Environment

With consumers growing more environmentally concerned in their daily lives, it's only logical that they want to know where kids’ activewear comes derived. Formerly, much sportswear was made of synthetic fibers derived from petroleum, such as polyester and nylon. Yikes. Therefore it's only natural that alternatives are emerging, and eco-friendly materials for leggings are on the rise, including Seawool, Bamboo Charcoal, Nuyarn, SeaCell, and Repreve. Check labels the next time you go shopping for kids’ activewear and keep an eye out for materials like bamboo charcoal, Seawool, and Nuyarn, among others. Use the Zee And Co Black Friday Sale to get huge savings on kids’ activewear.

Twirl It Around

Last summer, active dresses were all the rage, and the trend is still going strong. These comfortable, stretchy pieces are ideal for a pilates class, hiking, or tennis, and they'll be bringing some extra feminine energy to the kids’ activewear in 2023. An activewear dress screams athleisure loudly and proudly. This is one of those pieces that can be worn from the treadmill to the café. Dresses are also very flattering on the figure, so expect to feel more confident when you wear this one out and about.

The 1990s Have Returned

Loud patterns, bright colors, and free-roaming mix-and-matching: the '90s had it all when it came to activewear, and we're naturally seeing some resurgence in the arena, as we are with many '90s trends. Tanks over tees, high-waisted spandex shorts, chunky socks, and headbands: you're likely to see some '90s relics making a comeback in the kids’ activewear in 2023. If you grew up in the 1990s and, for better or worse, are experiencing feelings of nostalgia, know that you are not alone.

Flare for Fashion

If you're a millennial, the phrase "flared leggings" probably made you cringe. Anyone who grew up in the aughts knows they're called yoga pants, but they're back and reigning supreme once more. Flared leggings, another workout piece that easily transitions from the gym to lunch with friends, are likely to be one of the top go-to garbs for kids’ activewear in 2023. Whether you’ve worn flared leggings before or not, you'll want to join in on the trend as soon as possible because of its flattering shape, stretchy material, and versatility.

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